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Hairstyles to Keep You Looking Young


10 Hairstyles that Knock 10 Years off Your Age

Self-love is significantly easier when you feel good about how you look. Society pressures us into following various norms, and age-norms that are nothing new. But time and again, older women have looked perfectly splendid with hairstyles that make them look radiant and young, and have been done so flawlessly. Here are ten hairstyles that can knock ten years off your age to assist you in embracing your appearance!  

1. BOB 

Getting a bob is a great idea if you want everyone to be awed by the perfection of your cheekbones. For extra measure, you can highlight your jawline and turn all the heads in the room. These styles sit close to your chin and give you the absolute charm of a youthful look. It adds the brightness you want to your face and makes your entire appearance look joyful and light. 

2. Soft Bangs

If you prefer the elegance of a softer look, soft bangs will compliment your appearance magnificently. The loveliest thing about bangs is that it gives you a youthful look in many shades –playful, royal, mysterious, and a lot more. If experimenting doesn’t deter you, try on some baby bangs! With bangs, you get a much-needed change –they’re adorable and make your face look smaller. You can swoop them to the side, too. 


Pixie cuts are as fun as they look and give you an excellent opportunity to blend the stylish half of your personality with the wilder one. Perks? It’s a lovely way to make others envious of your earrings. You’ll love yourself more in this hairstyle if you’re keen on highlighting your cheekbones and eyes. And it’s the perfect pick for you if you’re willing to add slight effort into finding the right products and using them on your hair!  

4. Braids

It’s alright if the shorter hairstyles didn’t excite you much, because you can just as well enhance your appearance with braids. Braids flatter everyone, from young girls to older women. With several fun ways to go about with braids, you should try multiple styles without hesitation. Click stylish pictures with your side-swept braid, or add some messy curls to get that youthful look right!  

5. Long Hair Paired with Highlights

If you have glorious long hair and would like to try something other than the extreme chops –nothing makes a statement like highlights. Your long layers will look stunning with highlights since there’s going to be more depth and movement. Curl them or crimp them, and add highlights to complete that youthful look. Warmer colors will bring out your smile and make you look brighter and carefree. Some lovely lip gloss to announce that you’re back to take the limelight, and we’re ready to go!

6. Messy Look

The fantastic thing about the messy, wavy hairstyle is that it has everything to do with confidence. It looks messy but in a way that appeals to the eye. It makes an obvious statement –that you are in love with yourself and own your imperfections. It brings out the independent streak of youth in you, and with the right makeup and outfit, you’re ready to make everyone stop in their tracks. 

7. Sleek Undercuts

Tilda Swinton’s bold hairstyle makes everyone in the vicinity swoon, and there’s no way it’s underrated. Such short cuts frame your face and bring out a confident, assured look that will make you look years younger. You can make this style work with the right stylist and products even if you have thin hair. Sleek undercuts are gorgeous and tell everyone that you know exactly what you want. 

8. Straight Layers 

Who does not sigh while looking at Eva Longoria, and her gorgeous straight layers? Good news –you can get that sleek look too! With smart, shoulder-length layers, your hair will be the glorious center of attention wherever you go. No surprise that this hairstyle gives such a youthful look –there’s everything from fullness to movement and the confidence of a self-assured woman who is aware that she’s looking beautiful. This hairstyle lifts your face and is perfect for professional settings too! 

9. Feathered Shoulder Length 

Don’t step back from the mission of defying age and age-norms. A shoulder-length hair cut is famous for flattering everyone and has room for expressing your personality. This hairstyle frames your face and brings out the twinkling youthfulness in your expressions. It’s an excellent way for women with thin hair to create the illusion of thicker and fuller hair. With only a few layers, you get a uniquely modern appearance that blends perfectly with your appearance and makes your confidence evident. 

10. Voluminous Ponytail

Another hairstyle that Eva Longoria nailed and you too will. You can undoubtedly enjoy how you look with a casual ponytail, but you can also add a fancy wave or two and make a memorable entrance at that party with all your old college friends. With volume in your roots and your hair slightly wavy, you will come across as youthful but experienced and smart. With the perfect eye makeup and outfit, you’ll quickly grab the attention of everyone in the room and hold it. 


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