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Hair Trends You Can Expect In 2021


Hair is the first thing that someone notices. We have often heard that it’s what is on the inside that counts rather than the appearance, and we all know it’s true, but our appearance always expresses our personality. Whether your hair is long or short, colored or natural, bangs or crew cut, curly or straight, everything defines your character. Whenever someone needs a change, the first thing they do is change their hairstyle because that tells a lot about the person. Let’s see how we can go according to the trends and show your personality at the same time. Choose from the hair trends that can be expected in 2021 and get ready for some new looks.

Hair Color

We all have had a haircut now and then, but what people notice more drastically is if the hair color is different. While natural hair color seems like a fantastic idea in 2021, we will surely see the rise of hair dyeing.


We have all been there, done that with the traditional way of highlights and balayage. The new trend in 2021 is tweed coloring. This process is similar to sewing; the difference is they do it on the hair. The hairdresser divides the hair into small sewing sections and colors them. This technique gives your hair a raw look as your natural hair color comes through, along with the newly colored ones. 

Baby Lights

Another hair color technique is baby lights. In this technique, the color chosen for your hair is closer to your natural color, which gives your hair a unique look compared to a flat natural color. 

Apart from these, people can also get creative with rainbow-colored highlights or black and blue contrast. The hair color in 2021 will not be the usual blonde or brown. Instead, the colors you will see are smoky blue, pretty pink, burgundy, and strawberry blonde.

Hair Styling

A lot of people experiment with their hair cuts. There is a rise in the ’20s or ’90s haircuts. People with straight hair have mostly bob-cut hair tucked behind their ears, just like in the ’20s. People with curly hair have bangs and bob cuts. Louise Brooks showcases the famous 20’s look.

The 90’s look, such as the blunt cuts or the long hair tied into a bun, is also progressing these days. The long messy bun with loose tendrils and the loose braid or the uptight bun with a middle part will be made by many. The pixie haircut, or the high ponytails, are sure to flourish in the coming spring. The clipped braids or the butterfly pins, the headbands, or the two pigtails are also some of this year’s hair trends. A great example of the 90’s look is Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyle in the famous show F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Hair Part

The deep side and the center part are sure to be the trendiest way to part hair.

This trend will work as the hair part goes with both people with short hair or long hair. Whether you have a bob cut or bangs, a center part will work for both. Instead of pushing back your hair without any part, you can surely choose one of these. A traditional ponytail looks classic when the hair is parted. If you are trying to go according to the trends, focus on the shape of your face and choose your hair part accordingly.


The medium length haircut with bangs will be the most celebrated in the year 2021. Along with these, there is a list of all types of haircuts that will trend in 2021. Choose the haircut according to the length of your hair. 

The jaw-length bob cut and the pixie cut are good options for those who are interested in short haircuts.

For the people who love medium hair, go for shoulder length wave cuts or layered cuts.

Bangs change the look of a person, and it will go along with any length of hair. This is another cut that will be prominent in the coming year.

A loose braid that highlights the color combination is getting the most likes nowadays.

The most trending hair accessory for hair can be a headband, small bows, or butterfly pins. Medium or short hair, buns or ponytails both are still killing the looks now and later on.

Your Personality

There are small adjustments or tweaks you can make to any style that will suit your personality better. When you change your haircut or hair color, one thing that is necessary is whether it suits you or not. You also have to know what type of haircuts will look good on your face type.

You can be blunt enough and try a pixie haircut, but what matters most is if you feel confident. Go according to the trend but first understand what will look best on you and showcase your personality through it. 


We all have the undying urge always to follow trends. Along with that, we also like to showcase our personality through our looks and clothes. Hair is one of the first things out of many that someone notices. Whether you have long or medium hair, follow the trends that you like the most. Have a habit of experimenting, try something new and fun, and get out of your comfort zone. 


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