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Effects Of Humidity On Hair


We all love our hair, don’t we? Especially when you have a good hair day, you just love to let it go and just flow. It does feel good, but what makes it not so good is the humidity. Humidity is now an inevitable factor that affects hair and will also damage your hair. So is humidity good for your hair? It is not, it is far from good, and it just creates more lousy hair days above anything else. Now would we want that? Here are some of the effects of humidity on hair. 

Hair Becomes Brittle

Brittle hair just means that you will lose a lot of hair and eventually end up with a bald head! We do not want to go that far now, do we, so it is always right to identify what is causing this brittle hair and how you can stop it. No matter how many times you deny it, humidity takes up all of the moisture in your hair and leaves it quite dry, making it brittle. 

It is important to add moisture to hair with the help of certain oil products to fight damage from humidity. Conditioning hair with pure olive oil will help retain moisture. You should avoid shampooing your hair every day, which will just add to the problem. 

Scalp Dryness

Finding dandruff on your dress and getting nervous in public is something which we won’t want. While it is pretty standard for people to have dandruff in their hair, and it is almost impossible to avoid it, it does not mean that you can’t fight it off. You can use some of the right products that do not contain many chemicals so that you can fight off dandruff easily. Not doing so not only increases the amount of dandruff but also humidity just makes it much worse. Hence making sure you are keeping your scalp in check will be essential. 

Overall Dryness And Damaging Of Hair

High levels of humidity lead to frizz in your hair, and hence a lot of people tend to struggle a lot with the hair frizz and try to find remedies. Frizz, in turn, also creates damaged hair, which might take a lot of time to repair as well. Damaged hair is from humidity, but you can find that styling tools also create damaged hair. Try to minimize the number of times you style your hair with heat. 

Tips To Prevent Humidity Damage

At least once a week, apply a moisturizing treatment to your hair. If you do not want to purchase an expensive product, you can easily use coconut oil. Adding moisture back into your hair is essential after extreme humidity or heat damage from styling tools. It is always best to switch over to heatless hairstyles and allow your hair to repair. To help your hair air dry, better look up what products would best work for your hair type. Many rely on multiple products such as leave-in conditioners, serums, and shine sprays. Remember that to achieve healthy hair; it takes more than one product. 


Once you follow all these tips to fight humidity, you can easily make sure you get strong and healthy hair all the time! Nothing is better than having healthy hair and an abundance of heatless styles available. Start making simple changes to your hair care routine and see how it positively benefits the health of your hair. 


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