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Best Fitness Trackers 2021


Fitness trackers observe your step count, heart rate, and sleep quality. According to research, there are mixed benefits, but fitness watches have more excellent battery life, more reliable software, and plenty of chic designs than ever before. Here are some of the best trackers.

Trackers have become the norm of the day. They are available in different brands with various capabilities. To begin with, we have Apple Watch, Garmin, and Fitbit. The first two significant brands are better off with a basic Fitbit.


Fitbit Charge 4

Fitbit trackers are affordable, charming, and comfortable with a vast faithful community and an app that is easy to use. Charge 4 is its best with features like built-in GPS found in the most expensive trackers. Charge 4 also has intelligent upgrades, like the Zone Minutes metric, which encourages new people to explore high-intensity exercise and an outdoor workout category for unplanned hikes and golf games. Fitbit has an additional feature of the best sleep tracking hardware and software, but it comes with a premium of $80 to access some of its best features. 

Fitbit Versa Lite Edition

Fitbit’s pioneering smartwatch has been at the peak of the list for one version or the other. The Versa Lite is an excellent pick for anyone looking for a smartwatch/fitness tracker combo at a reasonable price. Fitbit, unlike the Apple Watch, works with both Android and iPhones. Extended battery life helps you wear it even during sleep and get the advantage of Fitbit’s comprehensive sleep tracking features, one of the best in the market. Sadly, it only has connected GPS through your phone for location, doesn’t have an altimeter, and doesn’t track lap swimming.

Letsfit Fitness Tracker

The Letsfit tracker is one of the cheaper options out there. The battery lasts for a week, and the band is manageable and comfortable if you are looking for a more affordable and straightforward tracker. It’s watertight, and the pedometer is correct. The Letsfit smartwatch is a dupe for the Fitbit Versa, right to the font on the watch’s face, but the variations are apparent to anyone who has used the real Versa. Cheap plastic is used to make the latch, and the traced metrics on the watch front are crude, and the VeryFitPro app is not attractive and has no pleasure to consult. If money is not the constraint, you can look for Garmin or Fitbit models that sell for a little under $100.

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple has launched two new watches, Series 6 and the SE. Series 6 will be the most excellent fitness tracker if you have an iPhone. Apart from the activity-closing rings and ECG, the other new features add a blood oxygen sensor, new belts, colorful cases, and a combination with Fitness+. This on-demand streaming aid will integrate among the watch and the phone screen or Apple TV. The blood-monitoring tech or always-on display is not available on the SE, but it has the same processor and many identical features as the Apple Watch Series 5. 

Oura Ring

Oura is now one of the few fitness-tracker rings available. The sensor is sensitive, and its algorithm is digestible and intelligent. Instead of providing new data, Oura gauges the deviation from the two-week baseline and crunches them into three standard metrics. Your exercise goal progress, the sleep record, and your readiness. It measures the variations from you, rather than against the traditional group, which is a much-less-anxiety-inducing means to follow your health. 

Withings Move ECG

Withings smartwatches are an affordable option with analog faces for anyone who is not interested in wearing a mini computer on their wrist. Among the most advanced vogues, the Move ECG is the best. It presumably records activities automatically and traces sleep though not like a tracker with an optical heart monitor. Reliable alternatives are more affordable, like the Move and the Steel HR. All the models come with a watch battery, so there are no worries about charging them every night.

Garmin Fenix 6S Pro

Garmin’s Fenix 6S Pro is the safest outdoor multisport watch. It doesn’t have solar charging, unlike the bigger 6X Pro Solar. Garmin’s unique satellite navigation systems and plenty of various sport modes have a surplus of new power management features to extend the battery life if you end up outside for more prolonged durations. It also incorporates Garmin’s new distress alert and conflict detection system. The watch is miniature and cozy like the Fenix 5S but with a larger, bright, sunlight-visible display and complete onboard topographic maps.

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

Garmin makes the most precise GPS watches. It’s tiny, slender, and waterproof, with a display that’s readable in sunlight and passable through a five-button system. Besides giving you advice on sleep and recovery time, it can measure your pace length and evaluate your times for a 5K, half-marathon, or marathon. It also possesses contactless payments for ease of use, and it can also save up to 500 songs.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

If you are looking for an extravagant Samsung Galaxy S20, you need the Galaxy Watch Active. There is a new model, Active 2; if your heart is set on the digital bezel, the Active is a more excellent deal.

It’s slender, beautiful, and half the price of the Apple Watch. It’s dust and water-resistant and has a built-in GPS, constant heart rate tracking, and cheerful announcements when you achieve the most modest fitness goals. You can charge it with a Samsung phone with the Power Share feature. Apart from some prominent names like Spotify and Strava, there are not many premium apps in the Samsung app store, but the other built-in apps operate well. 

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