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Beating The Pandemic Blues


The Covid-19 pandemic has felt like a deadly blow to every person on the planet. With almost every event and plan canceled, it has indeed dampened our spirits. The sudden impact on every social activity has taken a severe toll on every human being’s emotional, psychological, and social health. Many people have developed severe anxiety and depression due to this unprecedented global catastrophe, a fierce warning sign. Well, if you also find your mental health affected and having mood disorders, you are not alone. As per the data of the center for disease control and prevention, the pandemic stress can result in:

  • Fear of losing support services on which you depend
  • Worrying and fearing for your health or near and dear ones
  • Losing concentration and focus
  • Fearing job loss and finance
  • Eating and sleeping pattern disorders
  • Increased usage of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and other substances
  • Deterioration of chronic health
  • Mental health disorders

Being overwhelmed with all these can cause you to get anxious or fall into a depressive state, but you can control this by managing stress.


Manage The Stress

  • Make an action plan if you get sick. 
  • Keep a list of all the hospitals where you can get the treatment. 
  • Avoid excess use of social media. Hearing bias news about a pandemic can enhance stress.
  • Pick up a hobby or take time to revive an old hobby.

Take Good Care Of Yourself

  • Always take care of your mental health, which includes your emotional, psychological, and physiological health.
  • Keep in touch with your children and family.
  • Keep your body fit and healthy.
  • Stretch your body and take deep breaths regularly.
  • Workout regularly, and sleep well.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet.
  • Keep away from alcohol, smoking, or drugs.
  • Give yourself some relaxation time.

Connect Socially

  • Interact with people close to you regularly.
  • Connect socially with the group of your choice (church, family, social media, etc.), but do follow the social distancing and always wear masks.

Other Fun Ways To Beat The Pandemic Blues

There are tons of activities and events that you can do to beat the Covid-19 induced gloom. 

Fun With Science

  • With science induced activities, you can live a life from childhood again. You can create a scavenger hunt based on nature. For this, you need to create a card with various items that the players need to observe. It can be spider webs, butterflies, ant colonies, animal tracks, etc. This way you can enjoy the outdoors with fun.
  • Next, you can set up your home science fair, where you can perform some safe science experiments. You can teach kids about science through these safe experiments.

Fun With Technology

  • Technology can be a great fun generator at every stage of life. You can set up online playdates for your child with other children. This way, you can maintain social distancing norms for your child and give him or her to enhance their conversational capabilities online.
  • You can try filmmaking or documentary making with smartphones and tablets. This way, the whole family would be involved, and later you can keep a show of all the clips you have made.

Fun With Art

  • Although there are a million ideas that you can experiment with in arts, you can always organize a drawing competition in the family. You can arrange a big prize for the winner, encouraging everyone to participate.
  • You can also arrange a dance or cookery competition for friends and family, and you can even conduct it online.

Fun With Engineering

  • Convert your backyard into an obstacle course. Use jump ropes, hula hoops, balls, rings as props.
  • A competition for cardboard creations can be held to make any design out of their imagination and fancy. 


You can do many fun things to keep yourself busy and still interact with friends and family safely. It is crucial to maintain good mental health during these times. Stay prepared and informed, so you have a plan in the event of an emergency or if you or a loved one gets sick. Use this time to bond with your household members and do some fun science experiments.


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