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Are Lip Fillers Harmful For You?


Credit the cosmetic doctors on social media or Kylie Jenner, but enhanced lips are the new trend. The global beauty standards have dramatically changed after celebs started showcasing their dermal filler surgeries. 

So, what’s this collective obsession? Beautiful, full lips make your face youthful and make an individual more appealing. Cosmetic dermatologists claim there are many overt benefits of lip injections for those in the show biz. 

However, just as all artificial surgeries have their costs, lip fillers aren’t spared either. This article sheds light on everything about hyaluronic acid fillers for lips. Things you should know ahead of the cosmetic procedure before and after are all below; take a look. 


Are There Any Long-Term Side Effects Of Lip Fillers?

Long-term issues related to injectable hyaluronic acid fillers are rare. However, here’s everything you must know.

They Could Cause Tissue Damage

Just like other foreign substances that can be potentially harmful to your body, lip injections are risky too. The long-term effects may range from tissue damage to death. 

Necrosis is the most significant risk that injectable fillers pose. If it gets into your blood vessel, tissues can die. Although the complication is infrequent, it’s not impossible. So, to avoid such side effects, consider a well-trained and qualified professional for lip augmentation. 

Most Side Effects Are Short-Term

The good news is most of the side effects of lip injections are temporary and moderate. Some usual risks include lumpiness, bruising, and swelling. 

Such lip fillers do not cause lasting issues. However, these are temporary. Just note that the cosmetic procedure demands a few days to show results.

More To Surgeries Than Full-Lipped Selfies

Many people believe that lip injections only increase your lip size so you can take selfies. However, lip augmentation is just among the purposes of these surgeries. It helps create a balanced facial look, corrects your lips, and changes their shape. 

Last For Six To Nine Months

People assume it is a permanent filler, but the general lasting duration is six to nine months. Even if this sounds naive, enhanced lips last for less than a year. According to board-certified plastic surgeons, it happens because lips are in frequent motion.

However, some new dermal fillers can last for a year. But, like experts said, since we talk, drink, and eat throughout, it’s hard to find a permanent filler at all!

An Allergic Reaction Is Possible

Any cosmetic procedure may lead to some allergic reactions. Lip injections are among them. Severe or long-term adverse effects may be swelling or prolonged bruising bumps along the area of injection. Some HA fillers can also cause infections, asymmetry, itching, or swelling. Scarring or ulceration of the lips is also probable. Although side effects like these are rare, one should not overlook allergies. 

So, before choosing plastic surgery, it’s wise to consult a board-certified surgeon. Talk to your doc about any allergic reaction that might occur later. Also, discuss the after-treatments of allergies or similar skin problems. 

Duck Lips Indicate A Mistake In Plastic Surgery

Even if it doesn’t appear from the selfies of celebrities, duck lips are a mistake indeed. No lip injections are designed to make this shape. If the fillers are incorrect, it results in duck lips. Some risks of lip augmentation include unevenness, over-injection, and bruising. Clumping of filler or injection in wrong areas creates such unwanted lip shapes. 

American Society of plastic surgeons also suggests that intravascular injections can cause many problems. These include blood flow to a lip area. 


Clear Your Social Calendar For Sometime

If possible, take a two-day leave ahead of going for HA fillers. Or you can schedule for a Friday, so there are two days to relax after the process is complete. 

Alex Roher, MD (plastic surgery) suggests that topical numbing pretreatment is the system of hyaluronic acid injections. So, it takes two to three days for any minor swelling to resolve. If it’s your first time with lip fillers, clear your social calendar for at least two days.

Lip Injections Are Not For Everyone

Even as injectable fillers have low risk and are comparatively safe, they aren’t for everyone. Dr. Mani, a plastic surgeon, says that lip fillers are only for those with skinny lips. 

But, if one keeps getting them enhanced artificially, the natural firmness disappears. Only when someone with full lips needs a bit of shaping should they choose this cosmetic procedure.

Never forget to discuss your medical concerns and hopes with your doctor. Always research before taking the plunge. One should never be over-confident as there’s no going back. Trust the best alone because they are your lips, after all.


Always consult a board-certified plastic surgeon before taking a step towards injectable fillers. Any vital detail, if overlooked, may have long-term consequences. Some allergic reactions and swelling are common and last for a few days. But if such problems persist, contact your dermatologist. 


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