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8 Tips For Healthier Nails


If you feel as though you have unhealthy nails that are weak, then follow the tips below to help strengthen your nails. Healthy nails mean that your nails will not break easily and that you will be able to grow out your nails for the perfect manicure. 

Nail maintenance is just as essential as doing a face mask or a deep condition on your hair. Spend a little time each week maintaining your nails so that you have healthy and strong fingernails. 


Don’t Forget To Moisturize

Yes, that’s right. Your nails also need some moisturization. There are many reasons for dry or brittle nails, but usually, it’s because the last time you moisturized them was – wait, never? So next time when you apply your favorite hand cream, give your nails some extra attention. You can also buy nail moisturizing products, but there’s much more to healthy nails than just a serum or cream. 

Never Bother Your Cuticles

Your cuticles are not your enemy. No matter how many videos or trends you’ve seen, it’s never a good idea to cut or push back your cuticles. Messing with your cuticles can do more harm than good. A damaged cuticle can leave your nails vulnerable and at risk of infection. According to nails experts, dry or injured cuticles can harm the nail bed, affecting the way your nails grow back. So, even if it’s the best technician in the town trying to cut your cuticles, say a big NO!

Always Clean With A Nail Brush

No, those fancy sharp tools are not best for your nails. Many women risk infection after cleaning their nails from sharp, long, and pointy tools. In addition, when used to clean under the nails, these tools leave a gap between the nail and nail bed. This can make your nails more prone to fungal or bacterial infections. Instead, say yes to the old-fashioned but trusted nail brush which is far more gentle on your nails. 

Wear Gloves While Washing Dishes

It doesn’t mean you can’t put your nails in soap or water, but try to limit your nails’ time in contact with soapy water. Excessive water is not suitable for your nails, just like your hair. Your nails are like a sponge, and they can absorb much more water than the skin. Hence, water can strain delicate nail cells, which leads to dry, weak, and brittle nails. That’s why it’s best to wear gloves while washing dishes or cleaning. 

Say No To Acrylic Nails And Gels

Having a manicure is excellent but does it always have to include acrylic nails? Go natural as much as you can. Want a manicure? Step in, get your nails trimmed and clear polished. Want something fancier? Choose your favorite shade and get them painted. Just skip the acrylic nails section as they can lead to infections. Also, if you have an ongoing condition, these nails can make it worse. 

Adopt A Nail Friendly Diet 

Fill yourself with all the good stuff that helps in promoting healthy nails. Eggs, fish, nuts, leafy vegetables, pulses, oily meat, avocado, fruit, and dairy should be a part of your balanced meal. Also, ramp up your water intake for healthy nails, hair, skin, and well, healthy body. 

Be Patient With Your Nail Growth

If you’re a chronic nail biter or just treated some infection, healthy nails will take time. So focus on strengthening your nails rather than trying to grow them fast. If you practice good nail care, those picture-perfect nails are not very far. Just make sure you give them the time they need. 

Wrapping Up

How to get healthy nails is the most common question that pops up in every woman’s mind. Well, there you have it – 8 practical tips to get healthier nails in no time. Make sure you follow the mentioned steps, eat a healthy diet, and be gentle with your nails. They need just a bit of attention which you can surely give.  


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