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5 Exercises To Engage Your Core


A strong core gives you many benefits and advantages to one’s body. It serves as an invaluable asset. With a strong core, you can maintain your posture and have a proper balance in your body that can protect you from many spinal disorders. If your heart is properly working, then you can assure that everything will go OK in the end. It makes the center of all the exercises and movements. Your core is not made up of a single muscle, but it is a combination of many forces together working in a synchronized manner. Many muscles like rectus abdominis (your abs), transverse abdominis( those muscles that wrap up around your spine), erector spinae (lower back muscles), external and internal obliques are included in the core. As there are all these muscles present in your core, you need not do a specific exercise for every muscle. Instead, you can do a single activity that will ultimately strengthen your core.

A few of the best exercises are comfortable and, at the same time, beneficial to engage and strengthen your core that is present below. This will help you to keep your muscles and posture balanced and will give you the best result in the end.

After reviewing many top-trainer interviews on core exercise, we have come to the point of summarizing them into five basic exercises that will work most effectively. There are many great exercises like deadlifts and squats that can do a lot of good to the body, but core exercises are meant to do miracles to the body as they work on all the muscles. So, you don’t need a gym or a gym trainer to help you get the perfect body that you dream of. You can have it easy with these five simple exercises that will engage your core.



 plank is one of those exercises that help you restrengthen your core to its fullest. Doing planks will help you get the perfect posture and balance. Holding onto the plank position will enhance your abs, core, and back. It works on your hamstrings and glutes, improves balance, and supports posture as well. Doing a plank is not very hard, but it reaps a lot of effects on your body. Besides strengthening your core, it eases your body’s proper blood flow that makes you calmer and stress-free. Many gym trainers usually suggest planks as one of the best core exercises.

Tip: make sure that you squeeze your entire core for full benefit, keeping your lower back straight and tucking your butt in.

Panther Shoulder Tap

 this is an easy, fun, and dynamic core exercise that can engage and strengthen up your core well. This involves a bear crawl position.

How you can do it:

  1.  Lay down on your matt
  2.  Engage your core while lifting your knees a little up (up to 1-3 inches) while keeping your butt attached to the ground. Keep your neck in a comfortable position.
  3. While lying in the above position, tap your right hand to your left shoulder and vice versa. Continue doing it alternately while keeping your hips in the same stable condition.
  4.  Make sure you engage your core to its fullest.

Butterfly-sit Up

 when you put your legs in a butterfly position, you make your hip flexors more flexible and give your butt and thigh good form.

How you can do it:

  1.  Lie faceup, keeping your feet together, bending your knees. Stretch your arms overhead.
  2. Engaging your core, reach your body up until you are sitting upright. Raise your abdomen so that your hands touch your toes. That will make one repetition.
  3. Lower down your back and start doing another rep of the above steps.

Dead Bug 

if you want to make a deep core connection to your muscles and engage your core muscles without much difficulty, then the dead bug is the best option. This exercise will strengthen up your core and connect your mind to your core in a better way, making it more like a meditative exercise that strengthens your mind.

How you can do it:

  1.  Lie down face up, having your arms stretched to the ceiling and your legs sitting in a tabletop position. Tabletop position means that you have your legs sitting on your butts at a 90-degree angle.
  2. While squeezing your butt, release your right leg in the front, stretching your arms overhead.
  3. Bring your leg again to the starting position.
  4. Repeat that alternating between your legs.

Half-Kneeling Woodchop

this core exercise is very good as it works perfectly well on your obliques, abdominals, shoulders, lats, transverses, and more. This makes sure that you get the perfect balance with these exercises.

Tips for doing it:

  1. Start on your knees while stepping one leg in front of the other and bending your knees to 90 degrees.
  2. Make sure that you twist your abs as you do this exercise.
  3. Only your core muscles should be rotating.


These exercises will help you maintain and gain the perfect posture you always dreamt of. If you are hypertension or a heart patient, make sure to consult some experts before working on your core.



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