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10 Most Common Health Concerns As You Age


According to CDC research, about 41% of older adults above the age of 65 are in good health. That’s good news if we consider the average life expectancy rate that has been rising lately. There is a high chance that these 65-year-old elders can live to celebrate their 80th birthday. But as we are quite aware that with age comes many diseases and health issues affecting their overall quality of life. Most families’ history related to age, lifestyle, and health issues play a major role in developing certain medical conditions. 

However, many health-related issues and concerns can be treated or slowed down by certain medical treatments and making healthy choices for yourself. After a certain age, every individual should have a daily screening with their doctor to check every health-related issue before they are developed. In this article, we will understand some of the most common health-related issues faced by older adults. 


Cognitive Decline

As you age, memory loss becomes a common health concern, but developing Alzheimer’s is not that common and can also be very dangerous. It is very important to notice and recognize the early warning signs of developing Alzheimer’s. If you end up noticing the early warning signs, you can gradually treat or slow down the effect of Alzheimer’s by proper treatment and medication. Apart from Alzheimer’s, the most common cognitive health-related problem is dementia. Approximately about 47.5 million people have dementia worldwide. There are many other health diseases and concerns that can develop dementia-like diabetes, HIV, hypertension, depression, and smoking habits. There is no particular treatment or medication that can completely cure dementia, but certain medications can help slow down its effect.

Balancing Issues

One of the leading causes of injuries in older adults is falling or losing balance. It has also been recorded that certain seniors have died because of falling by losing balance. With age, a bone starts shrinking, and our muscles lose their flexibility and strength. These reasons can cause seniors to lose balance and end up losing themselves and even fracturing some bones. Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis are two of the most common diseases that cause frailty. However, it cannot be prevented. But with proper education, physical exercises, and certain modifications within the home can be very helpful. 

Oral Health Problem

Not many seniors lose their teeth after a certain age, but there are some very common oral health problems like gingivitis. Gingivitis causes a bacterial infection called periodontitis. It can affect the bones and gums supporting our teeth. Apart from this disease, many other oral problems can be caused by older people, like cavities and tooth decay. Proper oral care and visiting your doctor every six months gap can be very beneficial as it can ensure that your gums and teeth are in good condition. If overlooked, oral health can be one of the most common health issues in older people. 

Heart Diseases


Heart diseases are among the most leading causes of death in older people above 65. Research by the national council of aging has reported that about 92% of seniors suffer from at least one chronic health disease, and about 77% are suffering from two chronic health diseases. The most chronic health diseases that cause death each here are strokes, diabetes, and cancer. Seniors are highly recommended to visit definitions for an annual checkup, maintaining their lifestyles. I am practicing regular exercises to prevent these chronic diseases. 

Mental Health

Research by the World health organization shows that about 15% of adults above the age of Sixty suffer from mental health problems and disorders. About 7% of the elderly population suffers from depression; one of the most common health problems. Unfortunately, some family members or even elders themself ignore this problem and leave it undertreated and underdiagnosed. Sometimes depression is a side effect of certain chronic diseases. Adopting a healthy lifestyle, support from friends, family, and group therapy can help treat depression.


Often, malnutrition above the age of 65 years old is mostly left underdiagnosed, which can cause certain health problems like a weak immune system and muscle weakness. Malnutrition can be a side effect or can be caused by certain health diseases, a certain adapted lifestyle like alcoholism, dementia, reduced social contact, limited income, and dietary restrictions. Malnutrition can be treated by taking small steps like fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet and reducing saturated fat and salt intake. 

Sensory Impairment

Sensory impairment, like the loss of vision and hearing, has become very common in older adults above 70. According to the CDC’s research, 1 out of 6 seniors suffer from vision impairment, and one out of suffering from hearing impairment. But the good news is both of these impairments can be treated with proper medication. Modern technology has introduced us to advance hearing aid, which helps seniors suffering from hearing impairment and glasses are quite common for those who have vision impairment. 

Bladder Control and Constipation

Two very common health issues that come with aging are constipation and incontinence. These two problems can highly impact their quality of life. Like many other health problems, these two issues can also be side effects of the health mentioned above problems. They can be avoided by adopting healthy eating habits and exercising regularly. There are many effective treatments and medications which can also help in improving these two problems. There is no embarrassment in visiting your physician for these issues.


Arthritis is reported to be the number one health problem seniors above the age of 65 years suffer with. According to the CDC report, it is estimated that about 49.7%  of the seniors who are above the age of 65 can suffer from pain and low-quality living. Arthritis can make it quite difficult for you to work, it is very important to be in contact with your physician, get daily treatment, medication and perform routine exercises that can help them in maintaining the quality of living.


Cancer is reported to be the second most leading cause of death for seniors about the age of 65. The CDC report estimated that in people above the age of 65 years, about 21% of women and 28% of men, are suffering from cancer. But luckily if cancer is caught during its initial stage, it can be treated. However, we cannot prevent cancer but still, they can maintain a healthy living quality and lifestyle by adopting healthy choices.


Health problems and diseases are no joke. They need proper treatment and medication for a healthy lifestyle and quality living. Seniors are highly recommended to visit the physicians every six months for an annual body checkup to avoid serious health problems. As friends and families, we should always support and take care of our seniors. If you see or notice any early symptoms or warning signs of any developing diseases or problems, help them by contacting physicians around you. 


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