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10 Benefits Of Foam Rolling


Foam rolling has become a popular form of self-myofascial release, but not everyone knows what it means. To put it simply, myofascial release is an alternative therapy that applies pressure to your muscles for relief. Foam rollers are one way you can do this at home without hiring professionals to assist you with every bit of ache and pain that goes along with daily life! Here are some specific benefits that may interest you.

Improved Range Of Motion

One study found that foam rolling improved the range of motion in the hips and thoracic spine. Researchers had participants foam roll for two minutes on each side. After foam rolling, they saw a “significant increase in hip extension and cervical rotation range of motion.” If you have trouble rotating your neck or extending your hips, foam rolling may help to increase your range of motion. If you sit at a desk all day and you’re constantly experiencing stiffness or pain, foam rolling can help.

Relieves Muscle Soreness

Another benefit of foam rolling is that it can help to relieve sore muscles. When you’re sore, this tightness in your muscle can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Using a foam roller on the tender areas may help reduce soreness by promoting better blood flow through your muscles! Soreness often occurs after a challenging workout, so foam rolling can help to speed up the healing process. Always make sure you stretch before and after a workout to help prevent soreness.

Increase Blood Flow To The Area

Improved blood flow is another benefit of foam rolling. Improved blood flow can speed up healing by delivering more oxygen and nutrients to the area. If your muscles are feeling stiff and sore, using a foam roller may help improve blood flow and reduce some discomfort. You’ll feel more energized and less tired when your muscles receive proper nutrients.

Prevents Injury

Foam rolling can also help to prevent injury. When you have a regular foam rolling routine, your muscles will be less likely to become tight and stressed. This can help you to avoid damages from muscle tension or tightness. Foam rolling can help to “warm-up” your muscles before a workout, and it can also allow you to “cool down” your muscles after a workout. Getting injured can be a real bummer, so making sure your muscles are loose and relaxed before intense workouts are vital.

Improve Flexibility

Foam rolling can also help improve your flexibility. If you’re tight and not very flexible, using a foam roller can help to loosen up your muscles. This increased flexibility may also help to prevent injuries in the future. Increased flexibility is essential for athletes or people who regularly work out. Using a foam roller before or after your workout can help improve flexibility if done regularly.

Break Up Scar Tissue And Muscle Adhesions

Foam rolling can also help break up scar tissue and muscle adhesions. Scar tissue is a common issue for people injured or who have experienced pain in the past. This dense tissue can often form around the injured area when you have scar tissue. This can cause the muscle to be less flexible and more prone to injury. Foam rolling is commonly used to reduce scar tissue’s effects and can help break it up to restore your range of motion. Not only will foam rolling improve your flexibility, but it can also prevent future injuries!

Reduces Stress

Finally, foam roller exercises can be very therapeutic. Foam rollers are for self-myofascial release (SMR), which is a fancy way of saying you can use it to massage your muscles. When you perform SMR on yourself, you’ll be able to find out what areas are tighter than others and identify what areas are painful. This may also help to improve your mood and reduce stress levels! If you have specific areas in your body that always seem to be tight or painful, using a foam roller can help to release the tension and stress.

Improve Balance And Coordination

Using a foam roller can also improve your balance and coordination. It uses your upper and lower body muscles to maintain your balance while you’re sitting on top of it. If you’re just starting, it may be difficult at first to find your balance, but with time and practice, it will become easier! This is particularly beneficial for people who want to improve their balance and coordination for athletic purposes.

Help The Lymphatic System

Foam rolling can also help your lymphatic system. The lymphatic system removes toxins from the body, so it’s essential to keep it functioning correctly. When you foam roll, you help move the lymphatic fluid around your body, which helps flush out the toxins. This is a great way to improve your overall health and increase the cleanliness of your body!


As you can see, there are many benefits to using a foam roller. Foam rolling can improve your overall health and fitness. So be sure to add it to your routine and experience the fantastic benefits for yourself! Lastly, remember to always consult with a doctor or trainer before starting any new fitness routine to be sure you aren’t going to injure yourself.


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